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     CHENGJIE SOLAR GROUP LIMITED  produce variety of good quality led lighting and solar energy products to customers around the world, we had exported to 45 countries currently, Below are some of the types of application project that we have supplied .Please feel free to contact us for more information or price list.



     So Far, we have supplied countless cooperation with our products all over the world. Our concept is bring “Green” energy products to humans,bring best benefit to our cooperation customers,we always obey “ on quality is our culture”



     We have supplied countless of municipalities thoughout the China and internationally,  Countless of China and international government departments, Whether it’s lighting for a single sign or multiple lights for a street, we have a solar powered led light fixture for the purpose.



       Our Integrated solar street light are selling quite well currently years.We supply and ship our solar led street lights to clients around the world. We have a many selection available,we offer high lumen and using the latest in led technology and advanced optics. All we want to do is offer more and more competitive hot selling and good using LED street lights.



        We have hundreds of solar lighting project to school, universities and colleges around the world. So far, we have got many satisfied feedback from our customers. In China, we have build a large selling network and long term cooperation business relationship with Schools.Our students are benefits of using solar power lights , some are even participated our installation processes. 

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