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Company News >> What is UPS high frequency power supply


High frequency machine usually consists of IGBT high frequency rectifier, battery, inverter and converter bypass, IGBT can be controlled by the gate driver to control the IGBT turn-on and turn off of the IGBT rectifier, the switching frequency is usually between several to tens of kHz, sometimes up to tens of kilohertz, relative to the 50Hz frequency, called high frequency UPS power supply


With the development of power electronic technology and high frequency power devices have been developed, the UPS power supply products for small and medium power section also gradually high frequency. UPS high frequency power supply has the characteristics of high power density, small volume, light weight, occupy a space for one person in the market. Santak power high frequency online UPS power set has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, advanced and reliable performance and other advantages in one, by the consumer praise in the market.

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